Simply Trinity

Matthew Barrett. Simply Trinity: The Unmanipulated Father, Son, and SpiritGrand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, March 16, 2021. 368 pp.

5 out of 5

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There’s been a lot of discussion about controversies about the Trinity among Evangelical circles the last few years and do you want to not only be informed about these discussions but also see a defense of the historic view?  Specifically the book examines Social Trinitarianism across the theological spectrum and also the doctrine of the Eternal Functional Subordination (EFS). The author Matthew Barrett who is the Associate Professor of Christian Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has given us a great resource for not only Baptists but the greater Reformed world and Evangelicals and Protestants.  I found the book engaging, biblical, informative, fair to those whom he disagree with and at times funny and witty yet also God exalting and worshipful.

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Here are the links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between November 22nd-30th, 2021.

In light of the Holidays here’s our 12 Annual Presuppositional Apologetics’ Christmas Books Recommendations: Christmas Recommended Books on Presuppositional Apologetics for 2021

1.) Cave to the Cross’ Hermeneutics & Practical Bible Study – Ep. 151 – Josh & Jeff From Anarchy Bible Study – Part 2

2.) Bible Contradiction? How many overseers did Solomon have?

3.) Drink Up or Shutup!

4.) An Absolute Proof for God

5.) Review: Engaging Hinduism : Rethinking Christian Apologetics in India

6.) Cave to the Cross’ Greater-Good Theodicy – Ep. 152 – What About Evil? – Working For The Greater Good – Part 1

7.) Funny: A Non-Believer told me to Google “100 Bible Contradictions” but then the result offended him

8.) Introduction to the Christian Worldview

9.) Review: Transcendental Argument for God Mug (Presuppositional Apologetics)

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I have blogged a few book reviews recently and I plan to review a few more books as part of my aim to finish my goal of reading books for the year.  I thought I take this time to state three reasons why I as a Christian blog book reviews.

What are the reasons?

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Person of Interest

J. Warner Wallace. Person of Interest: Why Jesus Still Matters in a World that Rejects the Bible. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, September 21, 2021. 326 pp.

5 out of 5

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What does a top tier cold case detective think about the veracity of Christianity?  In this book by Jim Warner Wallace he presents to readers his apologetics for the Christian faith but with a unique approach using the methods and analogy of a detective investigating a missing person murder case.  An atheist turned Christian Jim Warner Wallace’s background as a police officer, detective, architect and artist is all brought to bear in this book as he presents something that is compelling both intellectually and also hard to put down in terms of human interests.  If you have read other books by Jim Warner Wallace before be assured this is not another book that rehashes things he’s previously said and wrote; in fact I was stunned at how incredibly comprehensive and fresh this book was and I was very impressed with his materials from start to finish.

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For this Sunday here’s what you can do: Pray that the Church does not get caught into material with the Advent Season.

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For today’s post we will tackle the question the Skeptic Annotated Bible asked: How many overseers did Solomon have?

Here are the two answers which the skeptic believes shows a Bible contradiction:

Solomon had 3,300 overseers.

“besides Solomon’s 3,300 chief deputies who were in charge of the project and ruled over the people who were doing the work.” (1 Kings 5:16)

Solomon had 3,600 overseers.

“He appointed seventy thousand of them to carry loads and eighty thousand to quarry stones in the mountains, and 3,600 supervisors to make the people work.” (2 Chronicles 2:18)

(All Scriptural quotation comes from the New American Standard Bible)

Here’s a closer look at whether or not there is a contradiction:

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I’m especially excited to present our annual Christmas Recommended Books on Presuppositional apologetics and Van Til’s apologetics.  That is because this is our blog’s twelfth year in which we post our recommendations of books as Christmas gifts on the subject of Presuppositional apologetics or the Christian worldview!

Below are links to the recommendations from previous years, and if you are new to the whole thing with Presuppositional apologetics and want something introductory I highly recommend the first two books we recommend this year along with the listing from 2014 which we highlighted in bold:

This year list’s of recommended books on Presuppositional apologetics is listed below.  Each work will have a link to my fuller review and also links to where one can purchase the book.

Here’s this year’s recommendations:

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Engaging Hinduism

Christopher Poshin David. Engaging Hinduism : Rethinking Christian Apologetics in India.  India: Christian World Imprints,  January 1, 2020. 167 pp.

5 out of 5

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What does a Christian philosophical critique of Hinduism looks like?  This book presents not only a critique of Hinduism but a distinctive of this book is that the author presents to us a Presuppositional Apologetics’ refutation of Neo-Hinduism.  The fact that there’s few apologetics’ concerning Hinduism makes this a plus to get this book but as someone who subscribe to Van Til’s apologetics’ methodology it was an added delight to see Van Tillian apologetics applied to Hinduism.

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There’s a lot of discussions of root causes these days in politics, society, etc.

I think the root cause for many ills are spiritual.

Its the lack of thanksgiving to God.

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Now for something fun!  I’m reviewing something I haven’t done before in terms of reviewing on this blog: a Christian apologetics’ mug!

Presup Cup


I love drinking tea and I love mugs that help spark conversations. And one that’s related to Presuppositional Apologetics is such a specific niche!  

The above is a picture of the mug I ordered that is on this online Christian shirt shop called “The Powerful Christian.”  You can go to the store directory by clicking here.  The shop have merchandise related to Presuppositional Apologetics, the Gospel and also Reformed theology.  Its run by a brother who I consider a friend.

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Knox apologetics Conference

Knox Reformed Presbyterian Church on October 1st-2nd sponsored a two day Apologetics conference which had three speakers: Anthony Rogers, Robert Bowman and Eli Ayala. This church is pastored by Jeff Downs.  I’ve been blessed by Jeff Downs for decades now with his gathering of apologetics resources and also his own input.

The audio MP3s of the conference is now available online!

Check out the messages below:

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Google 100 Bible Contradiction

I thought this was kind of funny.  Note the name of the troll in the screenshots are censored to protect the guilty.

So I’m on Mewe, a social media platform and I posted one of my answers to a Bible contradiction in one of the Christian groups:

Mewe Contra 1

A nonbeliever got upset.  He commented and gave a link to a google search for “100 Bible contradictions” (he misspelled it).  I clicked on the Link to Google Search.  I noticed the second link that was on the first page of the search result and I thought it was interesting!  Before I tell you what it was here’s first my response back to the nonbeliever:

Mewe Contra 2

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Wow place

These are links concerning Presuppositional apologetics gathered from November 15th-21st, 2021.

1.) Cave to the Cross’ Apologetics Hermeneutics & Apologetics – Ep. 150 – Josh & Jeff From Anarchy Bible Study – Part 1

2.) Bible Contradiction? What was Solomon’s payment to Hiram?

3.) Evolution and Morality

5.) If the Skeptic Annotated Bible think these are Bible contradictions then the Bible Contradiction list itself is a Contradiction

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For this Sunday here’s what you can do: Pray that the Sermon Would not be Watered Down.

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Every problem in our time seems to be further fueled by social media.  I realize social media can be a great tool.  I realize there’s many different opinions.  But I’m most concern with falsehoods that spreads that targets individuals with false accusations.  This seems particularly heinous than just different perspectives and disagreements about things.  A thought came to mind that I couldn’t let go of tonight:

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