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In order to post YouTube on your wordpress.com blog follow the following instructions:

1. Click on the YouTube window


Clicking on the YouTube window will bring you to YouTube’s website.

There you will find the YouTube URL:


2. Highlight and Copy the URL found


3. Insert the following code:

4. Paste the URL copied in step 2 into the code after the equal sign

Example: step4.jpg

5. Save and Publish

Notes: Make sure you do not include spaces in the brackets; doing so will only display the code as text.

  • References: (Please note that the code shown in the links includes spaces in the code- Took me awhile to figure out why following directions failed to work.)

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Columbia University College Republicans hosted this event. Jim Gilchrist, the founder of the Minuteman Project was about to give his speech. Within moments of Gilchrist taking the podium, however, the event was disrupted by left-wing students mounting a coordinated attack on the stage. Check out the insanity at one of our so called “top” school. More.

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