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For some laughs, visit this

I added some other ‘potential’ Christian best seller as well to the list:

  1. “Why I am not an Atheist” By God
  2. “Chosen but…free”
  3. “Half Baked Encyclopedia of Apologetics” -By Anonymous Talbot Apologists
  4. “Evangelism Implosion” by Contextualization Theology Fans at Fuller Seminary
  5. “UnCommon Grace” by Van Til
  6. “What Predestination is this?” by David Hunt
  7. “A Moody Handbook of Pathetic Theology”– Edited by the Caner Brother
  8. “Flunk on Parables”, by Jesus Seminar
  9. “The Nigel Leaves Problem: Alternatives to Subjectivism”, by the Trinity
  10. “Deforming Christianity” By Don Cupitt
  11. “The Historical Jesus goes to the Jesus Seminar Revised”, by Roy W. Hoover
  12. “Heterodox Theology for Heterodox Churches” by Pray Less Anderson
  13. “Divine NonIntervention – HOw not to Encounter God Through the Ancient Practice of Lectio Divina”

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