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Here is a description of the New and ‘Improved’ Modified Boot Camp on the news today from an article titled, “Army Tone Down Drill Sergeants”:

That means “less shouting at everyone, in essence, which some of you may remember from an earlier generation as being the modus operandi,” he said.

The changes started about a year ago, as defense officials looked for ways to make drillmasters more effective, said Lt. Col. Mike Jones, head of Army National Guard recruiting.

(QUOTED FROM: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061010/ap_on_go_ca_st_pe/nice_drill_sergeants)

For those that are afraid of being yelled at and wash out in boot camp, it might be a better thing than to go to Iraq and find bullets flying instead of Spit.

Likewise, this should be an analogy as well for our Christian faith: If we don’t follow him and pick up our cross and be willing to suffer for Christ, you have to wonder about your faith and your service to him.

One Verse sums it up:

“Endure hardship with us like a good soldier of Christ Jesus.” (2Timothy 2:3)



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On Thursday, I was talking to a friend about limited atonement. My friend held that he was a 5 point moderate calvinist. I couldn’t figure out why the position was “moderate”. To paraphrase, my friend said that Christ died for all but is only limited to the elect. It seemed to me the moderate-ness probably is a difference in the definitions (i.e. atonement) because I didn’t see what makes his a position a moderate one rather than a normal one.

This article by Mr. Baggins brought up some points I forgotten, such as the use of the word all, as well as the problems if we assume Christ death atoned for all of the world’s sins.

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North and South Korea

BBC News reports that South Korean troops shot about 40 warning shots after soldiers moved about 30 meters into the before returning to their side of the demarcation zone. The article also discusses the announcement by North Korea of a nuclear test, and the recent statement by the United Nations Security Council that, “warned of unspecified action against North Korea if it went ahead with a test explosion.” The webpage also includes a record of events regarding the nuclear crisis.


In other news, Google has been reported to be in a “sensitive stage” of discussion to purchase YouTube for 1.6 billion. YouTube was founded by three former employees of Ebay’s Paypal. More background can be found at BBC News.

In related news, YouTube, currently talking with record labels, is planning to offer legitimate music videos, (pirated videos can be found) free of charge.

Corpman testifies against Marine Murders

Corpman walking with legal entourageBBC News reports:

“US Petty Officer Melson J Bacos agreed a plea bargain to avoid murder charges and will testify against seven marines in later hearings.

The medic said the incident in the western Iraqi town of Hamdaniya in April made him “sick to my stomach”.

The case is one of several in which US troops are accused of killing Iraqis.”

Amish Support

Horse carriage on streetThe funerals for four of the girls took place on monday, with the fifth planned for friday. BBC News reports:

Donations have been coming in from around the world to help with medical expenses – Amish do not carry health insurance.

One insurance company has pledged $500,000 (£265,000).
But the Amish have also reached out to the family of Roberts, the 32-year-old milk-tanker driver who killed himself at the end of the shooting spree.

Amish leaders have helped set up a fund for the family at a local bank.

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In order to post YouTube on your wordpress.com blog follow the following instructions:

1. Click on the YouTube window


Clicking on the YouTube window will bring you to YouTube’s website.

There you will find the YouTube URL:


2. Highlight and Copy the URL found


3. Insert the following code:

4. Paste the URL copied in step 2 into the code after the equal sign

Example: step4.jpg

5. Save and Publish

Notes: Make sure you do not include spaces in the brackets; doing so will only display the code as text.

  • References: (Please note that the code shown in the links includes spaces in the code- Took me awhile to figure out why following directions failed to work.)

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Columbia University College Republicans hosted this event. Jim Gilchrist, the founder of the Minuteman Project was about to give his speech. Within moments of Gilchrist taking the podium, however, the event was disrupted by left-wing students mounting a coordinated attack on the stage. Check out the insanity at one of our so called “top” school. More.

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To begin with, in writing this, this is not an endorsement for animal cruelty or hurting animals. Let that be upfront and clear, lest anyone waste their time in an unproductive, heated and utterly meaningless response that misses the point. Animal Cruelty is a sick and twisted thing.

In Proverbs 12:10 we find with God’s Word:

10 A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal,
but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.

Many people are familiar through the media of what is perhaps the world’s largest animal right’s group called the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The Animal Rights group have been a fairly recent phenomenon and the founding of the Animal Rights movement as a whole can be attributed to it founding father, Secular Utilitarian Philosopher Peter Singer.


Though an intellect and a philosopher, and someone applauded as the champion of animal rights, imagine how shocking it is to learn that he expose the idea that sex with animals are okay so long as you have consent. As the Wall Street Journal reported:

“Princeton’s DeCamp Professor of Bioethics says that when it comes to sex with farm animals, the only real issues are whether you get the animal’s consent–and you don’t kill it as part of your pleasure.”[i]

Yet, how do you have an animal consent that is intelligible or certain without languages?

How does one know that animal gives consent?

Perhaps you can “train it” to consent like you train Fido to COMPEL it to roll on the floor for one’s or train it in the same fashion as you train an Elephants to “consent” to blowing out peanuts from its nose to an joyful audience in a circus show?

Sex with animals is a gross, abominable thing in the Lord’s sight that is nothing else but a tragic physically pressured violation of the animal itself. It is raping the animal.

You would think PETA, with all their protests against not only killing animals but also for torturing animals would be the first to protest Dr. Singer and block all the roads to Princeton University, where he teaches.

Whereas other Animal Rights group condemned Dr. Singer in writing or interviews did PETA participate in these activities too?

PETA instead spared Princeton and Dr. Singer any protest and the silence from PETA at
Princeton was as silent as a sleeping cat.


But not as silent as a dead piece of fur though.

Imagine PETA and the President of PETA instead supporting Dr. Singer!

As the New York Times stated:

“There was one important exception. Ingrid Newkirk, the president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, not only stood by Mr. Singer but also imagined a few…acts.”[ii]

Besides revealing the twisted mind of PETA’s president we catch a glimpse of the animal cruelty of their ideologies.

Looking at Proverbs 12:10 again we find the insight from God’s Word:

10 A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal,
but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.

Note here that this verse points out that a man who is upright in his life would even care for the need of his animals. For anyone who thinks that animal cruelty is justifiable, this verse should be enough to show otherwise. The Word makes its clear that the caring of the need of one’s animal is the overflow of an individual’s righteousness, and the problem of abusing animals within the sight of God is not primarily economic, social or phsychological, but of a sick, twisted and sinful heart.

More interestingly enough, this verse also mentioned that the most kind acts of the wicked can also be cruel. We have seen how true that is here in the twisted, cruel and sinful mind of Singer and PETA.

[i] “Animal Crackers”, The Wall Street Journal, March 30th, 2001: http://opinionjournal.com/editorial/feature.html?id=85000772 .

[ii] Boxer, Sarah.”Yes, but Did Anyone Ask the Animals’ Opinon?”, The New York Times, June 9th, 2001: Accessible at http://www.nytimes.com/2001/06/09/arts/09TANK.html?ex=1149393600&en=b561095c90e26157&ei=5070 with registration.

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BBC News: After denied asylum in Albania, Hakan Ekinci, attemping to flee from serving in the Turkish army, slipped into the cockpit of the returning plane and gave a note to the pilot asking the to be taken to Rome to speak with the pope.

What caught my eye about this particular article was the runaway’s reason:

He reportedly said he was a convert to Christianity who could no longer be forced to serve in a Muslim army.

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