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Tactics In Defending The Faith Part 1 17053.mp3

Tactics In Defending The Faith Part 2 17054.mp3

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Jay Smith Mp3

Key Issues Of Islam #1 – Jay Smith 14193.mp3
Key Issues Of Islam #2 – Jay Smith

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Robert Morey Mp3

Lectures on Islam by Robert Morey

01 – Pre-Islamic Arabia 00583.mp3
02 – The Life & Times of Muhammad 00584.mp3
03 – Muhammad Compared to Christ 00585.mp3
04 – The Koran Contrasted to the Bible 00586.mp3
05 – Quranic Errors & Contradictions 00587.mp3
06 – The Secret Teachings of Muhammad 00588.mp3
07 – God or Allah, Which God is God? 00589.mp3
08 – Islam Is Not True 00590.mp3
09 – The Seal of Prophethood 00591.mp3
10 – The Nation of Islam 00592.mp3
11 – Does Islam Violate Human Rights? 00593.mp3

Black Islam 01238.mp3

Islamic Invasion of America 14121.mp3

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Catholocism #1: Justification by Faith, Purgatory 19052.mp3
Catholocism #2: Mary, Penance 19053.mp3
Catholocism #3: Peter the Rock, Church Tradition 19054.mp3
The Do’s and Don’ts Witnessing to the Cults 19055.mp3
Witness Lee To the Local Church 18110.mp3
Spiritual Warfare 19602.mp3

Hermeneutics #1 19603.mp3

Hermeneutics #2 19604.mp3

Hermeneutics #3 19605.mp3

Hermeneutics #4 19606.mp3

Hermeneutics #5 19607.mp3

Hermeneutics #6 19608.mp3

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Avi Lipkin alias Victor Mordecai. There is no word that he converted to Christianity from Judaism. Anyhow, he offers compelling evidences that Islam is the number one threat to world peace today.

Love Conquers Hate: Mark 12:28-31 17070.mp3
Wake Up America #1 19050.mp3
Wake Up America #2 19051.mp3
Islamic Spiritual War #1 19712.mp3
Islamic Spiritual War #2 19713.mp3

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These sermons (Men of Whom The World Was Not Worthy) by John Piper are dangerous. Do not listen if you want to live comfortably in your current spiritual condition.


Jonathan Edwards

Charles Simeon

David Brainerd

Martyn Lloyd-Jones
William Cowper

J. Gresham Machen
John Owen

Charles Spurgeon
Martin Luther

John Calvin (Do not listen if you don’t want to labor for Christ)
St. Augustine
John Bunyan

John G. Paton (Do not listen if you don’t want to be eaten by cannibals)
William Wilberforce
Adoniram Judson (Do not listen if you don’t want to be a missionary)
John Newton

George Mueller (Do not listen if you don’t want to pray)


[you can download the same sermons on desiringgod.org with the sermon notes]

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Pastor Martin is clearly an exemplary preacher both in preaching and godly living.

Christian Liberty
Sermon/ Message 1 Sermon/ Message 2 Sermon/ Message 3 Sermon/ Message 4Sermon/ Message 5 Sermon/ Message 6 Sermon/ Message 7 Sermon/ Message 8 Sermon/ Message 9 Sermon/ Message 10 Sermon/ Message 11 Sermon/ Message 12 Sermon/ Message 13 Sermon/ Message 14 Sermon/ Message 15 Sermon/ Message 16 Sermon/ Message 17 Sermon/ Message 18 Sermon/ Message 19 Sermon/ Message 20 Sermon/ Message 21

How NOT to Foul Up the Training of Your Children (These messages are important for parents)

More of Albert Martin’s messages.

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