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Do you know a skill, or have a way of doing something, or can teach some subject real well?


Gary North, has an excellent piece on making money; before anyone comment about the motive and whether this post is ‘selfish’ and promoting people to sin,

Do note that the point of the entry is to be wise stewards of what God has given you.

I quote in part, in hope that you read this short article in its entirety.

Think of teachers in the public schools. The things they know! Yet they sell this information year by year, class by class, to one school district. What if they sold this information to the general public?

If you can teach math, or auto repair, or cooking, or almost anything else, you can find buyers. You can create a side business that will support you in your retirement, so called. Do it in your spare time.

One of the ways to do this is to start producing home-made, low-budget or no-budget videos.

If you doubt the marketing power of homemade videos, consider the investment YouTube.


Anyone interested in short internet video clips on Presuppositional Apologetics, examples of dialogues in action, etc???

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