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A Lecture by Wolfhart Pannenberg on God the Spirit and Natural Science.

Who is Wolfhart Pannenberg?

Articles by Pannenberg,
Modern Cosmology: God and the Resurrection of the Dead
The Pope in Germany
Christianity and the West: Ambiguous Past, Uncertain Future
When Everything is Permitted
How to Think About Secularism

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A lecture on Intelligent Design
A lecture on The New Cosmology: Theistic Implications
A lecture on Quantum Cosmology


Stephen C. Meyer is director and Senior Fellow of the Center for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute, in Seattle.


Dr. Meyer earned his Ph.D. in the History and Philosophy of Science from Cambridge University for a dissertation on the history of origin of life biology and the methodology of the historical sciences. Previously he worked as a geophysicist with the Atlantic Richfield Company after earning his undergraduate degrees in Physics and Geology.


Dr. Meyer has recently co-written or edited two books: Darwinism, Design, and Public Education with Michigan State University Press and Science and Evidence of Design in the Universe (Ignatius 2000).


He has also authored numerous technical articles as well as editorials in magazines and newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Houston Chronicle, The Chicago Tribune, First Things and National Review.

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