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Michael Butler a former “Timothy” of Greg Bahnsen delivered these apologetics seminar at New Horizon United Reformed Church, Canada. He is currently a dean at Christ College, VA and also a professor at Bahnsen Theological Seminary.


The lectures,

  1. An Introduction to Christian Apologetics MP3
  2. The War of The Worldviews MP3
  3. Strategy and Method of Discipleship Acts 18 Mp3
  4. The Certainty of God’s Existence MP3
  5. Presuppositionalism in Paul’s Address to the Athenians Acts 17 MP3
  6. Presuppositionalism and the Westminster Confession of Faith MP3


Also, Chalcedon’s Chris Ortiz interviews Michael Butler on the life and work of Greg Bahnsen and the meaning and application of the Transcendental Argument for God’s existence. Listen to the podcast


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