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I’m reading a book and slowly digesting through the Chapter titled, ‘The Philosophy of Politics”

I thought this paragraph was insightful:

“When one asks, which government is better, one must explain the better: Better for what? THe German government was pretty good at waging war, but the American Government was better.  The British Government is pretty good in stability, but the French government has been better at alternating premiers.  Perhaps the problem should be expressed in other words.  The clearest expression may be, What is government good for?  What is the the purpose of government?  ANd this is the question that underlies many of the controversial issues of our legislative chambers.”

(From “A Christian View of Men and Things”, by Gordon Clark, pg. 68)


Indeed, when people complain about the government (liberals or conservatives, liberterian or socialists, Theonomists or Anarchists), people judge the government according to a particular theory (the question that follows would be, is it cogent?), standard (on what basis are these standards justified?), value (how are these values arrived at?) and ultimately their entire life and worldview.  To state it another way, criticism of our government assumes a certain expectation of our government that is dictated by our philosophy of what a government is and is not (or ought not be).

 Sometimes it might sound like its going tangent, but a critical analysis of the foundation and presuppositions of an objection/criticism/argument might actually bear much fruit for future discussion/debate/dialogue and at the minimum, understanding where others are coming from…

At the same time, we too have to be conscious of our own standard, value and whether what we believe cohere or is consistent with the rest of our life and worldview

For a Bible-Based Christian, one ought to begin with the Bible and deduce from Scripture any proposition that might concern the area of our discussion (be it with a biblical view of Marriage, how is Church to be conducted, a Christian view of Christian love, etc) and not just the area of political philosophy, but all spheres of life

That is at the Heart of Presuppositional Apologetics

This is what makes me stay up till late in the night reading and thinking


The question of why it excites me is because I love the Lord and want to see things from His Perspective; I want to submit under Him and see the Beauty around me of doing things and thinking things His Way

At the very core of it, its one of many ways one worships God… 

Okay, gotta go to sleep now, long day ahead…

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