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THis is so funny!

Few satire could be done without being mean spirited and in a healthy manner

But this one is a good example: http://tominthebox.blogspot.com/2007/01/net-finney-guards-families-against.html

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Gary DeMar has a good article on his website at American Vision:


Let’s Demand That Money Grow on Trees!
by Gary DeMar

Its a good article about how liberal San Francisco can be and basic economics to why Government forced program to ‘help’ the poor end up hurting the poor; it also discuss about American Politician policy of appeasement to the majority at the expense of someone else’s hard earned dollars

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This is a good article by Erik Wait, who wrote this in a very easy to understand language that is a good example of the application of PResuppositional Apologetic’s doctrine against religious neutrality

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At the school I go to, I get people telling me that the best apologetics guy doing Campus Ministry is this particular minister.  The guy, being a Lutheran is heavily into Evidential Apologetics with Classical leaning and set up a table regularly in a busy campus walkway.

Today was a reminder for me of Van Til’s and Bahnsen’s teaching that how you do apologetics and evangelism is influenced by your theology.  As I walked back from class, I sat in real quick for this young minister’s table while he was using the restroom.  One of his students came by and sat with me, and as soon as the young pastor came back, he immediately went on the offense to attack Calvinism and what I believed.  I didn’t want to open up this Pandora’s box, but since he initiated it, I thought, hey, let’s deal with the issue then.  Somehow, the conversation turned real quick about the issue of how are we saved, for the guy believed that we are all saved already to begin with, and therefore everyone is saved, and before you know it, the table was now turned back to him when I started asking him if everyone who are ‘saved’ but ‘didn’t know it’ are given promises from Scripture (such as God’s work of sanctification of those who are saved, not being able to lose your salvation, etc) which he answers “yes!” but second guest and stutter with an inaudible ‘no’.  Its funny how some people get, when the conversation began with them being aggressively against you and put you on the defense and then suddenly YOU ARE NOW ON THE OFFENSE and people become, well, Pathetic. They can’t take what they dish out.

The pastor avoided answering my question (“Where in the bible does it teach that?”), did not address the logical conclusion of his view (“people have salvation in hell” as he admitted, this guy is crazy isn’t he?) , and kept on using sunday school slogan (“Its all about Jesus man!”).

Its funny how the guys trumphs reason so much being the evidentalist that he is, and when pressed with the Bible and strong chain reasoning of his premises, he invokes so much irrationalism by committing the logical fallacy of appeal to emotions.

Well, the two guys definitely was on me, and the student who was listening, being a philosophy major, struck me as really arrogant.  I always have this sense, honestly put, that Christian undergraduate student majoring in philosophy with classical/evidental apologetical outlook are really naiive. THe demeanor in the conversation oozes out with it.  They have a little taste of the issue but thinks they know it all already.

An agnostic walked by and the Pastor tried witnessing to him.  Though the pastor disdain how I used the Way of the Master, Presuppositionalism and how I conduct my evangelism and apologetics within the framework of my Calvinism since to him, “Its all about Jesus!” (I agree to some extent- but what about the Holy Spirt convicting people, etc?), he ironically didn’t even focus on Jesus but began a long naiive pseudo-intellectual sounding Evidentialist choppy presentation!  And when pressed for those ‘evidences’ for the resurrection, you would think an evidentialist would live up to his name, but I had to discuss the primary documents and fill in for them!

I watched quietly, and cringed; the philosophy student who was angry with me earlier (mind you, I’m a fellow brother in the Lord), was catering so much to the nonbeliever in his conduct! The pastor talked about evidence this and that, and never present anything! And the champion of “Just Jesus” didn’t even mentioned Jesus!

After a few minutes of watching the easy friendly massacre by the Agnostic, and the believers left without words to say, I thought I used Presuppositional Apologetics applied to the agnostics’ unbelief.  In the sight of the Lord, I believe that the agnostic’s worldview was reduced to absurdity (empiricism, historical skepticism, inability to account for logic, experimentalism, etc).

Another nonChristian was listening intently as well.

After it was over, the nonChristian girl was still there.  I had to go back to my place.  I shook hand with the Pastor, and his disciple, the philosophy student.  He had to criticize me and was still rather upset at me.

THen pointing to the nonChristian girl still listening, he said, ” I’m just sorry she has to be subjected to your rudeness”.

But she actually listened to the whole dialogue I had with the Agnostic, and she was smiling. Praise God the gospel was shared! 

So, with Chrisitans like these, who needs an enemy?

If this is the ‘best” of Christian apologetics in this reputable school, and this guy is teaching all these guys this ‘kind’ of apologetics, that’s really a sad state of Christian apologetics then.

But God is merciful….

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One of the oppourtunity for Christians involved with Counter-Cult Apologetics through the Internet is the fact that by putting the information out there in the World Wide Web, this allow those in the Cults or Christians needing resources to have WORLD WIDE ACCESS to a specific and sometimes very narrow issue or little known, small and non-mainstream cult

Such an example would be of that of the Urantia Book and the religious groups that revolves around it

The link below is a link to a website that tackles on the Urantia Paper from a Christian perspective


If you click on either “Religion” or “Science”, it will give you some polemics against this ‘scripture’

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While I have spent most of my time studying Van Til’s student’s work,

Eventually I desire to study about Plantinga

The blog entry linked would be part one of a series by John Fraiser, who graduated from a seminary whose President is one of my favorite Preacher in the annual Shephards’ Conference

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Children Desiring God and Bethlem Baptist Church are hosting a conference for leaders of Children’s minstries:

“We have planned a number of seminars designed to provide practical help and encouragement that we trust will benefit parents, teachers, leaders, and all who are invested in ministry to children.”

For full details, check out their website, which includes a PDF brochure and mp3/video by John Piper.

April 26th to 28th, 2007 – Children Desiring God 2007 Conference
Topic: Standing on the Truth: How Great a Salvation
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Speakers: John Piper, Wayne Grudem, C.J. Mahaney, David Michael, and “a number of gifted seminar leaders”

Seminars on date of posting:

  • Vision-Driven Children’s Ministry Leadership
  • Recruiting & Retaining Volunteers
  • Partnering with Parents
  • Nursery Ministry & Teaching Toddlers
  • Preparing & Teaching Preschool Lessons
  • Introduction to CDG Curriculum & Sequence
  • Lesson Preparation & Presentation
  • Preparing & Leading Application Time
  • Leading Children in Worship
  • Teaching Youth: Watch Out for Your Method
  • Presenting the Gospel to Children
  • Theology of Salvation Q&A
  • Preparing Children to Hear the Gospel

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