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Today I got a phone call from the President of a Campus Ministry in a Community College in the Southern California Area

This campus ministry is part of a larger, International and well known Ministry

THose involved in Vertias Domain have an active teaching ministry with this campus ministry, whether it is serving them by being guest speakers, booking other Biblical preachers, advising and various compacities to the ministry as well.

One of the most prominent thing the three of us in Veritas Domain contribute most is teaching Presuppositional Apologetics every week, during the Apologetics HOur on Thursday.  I do not know about the other two contributors to this blog but I’m sure they would agree when I say that the Apologetics hour has been such an oppourtunity and a joy for me personally.

Being twenty three years old, I know I have alot to learn still about the ministry.  But the little I know, includes knowing that no ministry is perfect.  HOwever, with this particular campus ministry, it has alot of things I have praised God more than I have to ‘complain’ about.  It is a very sucessful ministry and a very biblically based ministry, led by students leaders who are conscious about being Biblical in their theology and their philosophy of ministry.

However, given the group’s sucess by implementing a biblical method of ministry, at an unknown level within the Organization headquarters or leadership, they decided to send new and more overseers.  Rather than spending the money wisely with the donation of Christian donors to advance the gospel in campuses without an established ministry, it appears to me as rather foolish, and more of a squander.

They are emergent, they are to be frank, very unbiblical, and have been trying to bully the student leadership to implement their ideas that are (1) unrealistic, (2) down right pathetic and more importantly, (3) its unbiblical.

This saturday, I was asked by a lady who was one of the Overseer to come on Feb. 19th to “discuss about philosophy of ministry and the role grace and truth”; Knowing what so many people have told me about their view of grace and truth (=so called ‘grace’ without truth is what it boils down to), I suspected something that was not good.

Today, the student president called to let me know that he has considered stepping down because of the pressure from these overseers.

He told me how they want to get rid of the very much sucessful and popularly demanded Apologetics Hour.  I grasp.  He also told me how these paid staff members does not want any more guestspeakers.  (I recalled how one of them does not like preaching…rather naiive, if you asked me).  So guess how they want the meeting to be runned? They want to go over their outlines, and their sharing instead of preaching, and listening instead of evanglism.  Yet those was how the Campus Ministry grew, contrary to what it was like before the implementation of a biblical view of ministry, when it was dead, and nobody went.

These overseers also want to split the group into two group.  They want it to reach out to different race and ethnic groups by doing this.  This campus ministry is diversed, with Whites, Hispanics, Armenians, Chinese, Koreans, etc.  We already were reaching out to all minorities and no one has ever been ‘race conscious’ in the group, except the paid staff members who were not even from ethnically diversed background.

So to sum it up, their agenda is summarized as (1) stopping the teaching of believer’s in being equip to fullfill the biblical mandate to ‘give the hope for the reason’ for being a Christian, contrary to 1Peter 3:15, (2) end preaching and public vocal proclimation of the gospel contrary to Romans 10:14, (3) and being racists in splitting the Believers in the ministry instead of being a light to world ‘for you all are one in Christ” contrary to Galatians 3:28.

We are now considering what to do in light of all of the above.  Please pray for wisdom.  I personally do not want to be in the flesh and I want to do everything in a way that pleases HIm, yet remain uncomprimising to the Word of God and in a loving manner.

We are not unaware of the Devil’s scheme with division, so pray that His Will be done

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