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I throughly enjoyed today.  Its days like these that makes you feel so refreshed and encouraged that all your studying of apologetics (the art of defending and dealing with attacks against Christianity) was not in vain; it also makes you realize one can never be sufficient in researching still more further and also work on your presentation and the flow of what you have to say and how to say it.

Today was a day weaved with so many religious discussion…some guy gave some book he was passing out about end times and I wasn’t too sure where he was coming from…during lunch these Buddhists middle aged guys came and share me their Buddhist message…then ran into these guys from Hare Krishna (ISKCON) who gave me a book to read about their religion, following after that while walking back to my Apartment I saw these open air preachers.

Still not too sure where these open air preachers were coming from, or if I can endorse what they said…but I heard them talk a little bit during the afternoon when I was in the walking area for our Apologetics Evangelism time.  People always think open air preachers are weird and should belong to the Circus–honestly, I think some of the people who come and listen to these preachers are more weird though. I mean, come on, you can think a guy is bigoted and strange but that doesn’t mean you can throw condoms at them, steal their caps and treat them disrespectfully.

Preached open Air for like a few minutes then got to engage a discussion with a vocal mocker and applied Presuppositional Apologetics with the Transcedental Challenge on what the guy was saying.


Had a Pastor from Nepal with us during Bible Study, I hope I can talk to him some more in the future and I’m sure he has alot too share.

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