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I changed the time zone for the posts. However it seems that the time change only affects new posts and not previous. Thus, there will be a discrepancy with the February 9th and Feburary 8th posts. This is written for archive purposes.

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On the January 10th, Grace to You podcast, titled “The Only Way to Happiness: Be Meek Part 2,” there was an hour extra special, only included in the podcast and not aired on radio. In the podcast, Phil Johnson and John MacArthur talk about the Emergent Church Movement.

During the discussion, Phil Johnson prompts John MacArthur to give a summary of the emergent church movement. Also, the conversation compares the similarities of the emergent church to the seeker sensitive movement. They additionally predict that the movement, in an effort to reach the current postmodern generation, is a “planned obsolescence”, citing Crystal Cathedral and Willow Creek model as examples. In the end of the discussion they give some practical advice to a Christian’s selection of a Church.

John MacArthur boils down the emergent threat to an attack on the clarity of scripture, exchanging clarify for mystery. MacArthur also quickly discusses the clarity of scripture, noting that Jesus always had the expectation of Jews to have read and understood the Old Testament, as well as Paul’s expectations for Gentiles to learn about the Old Testament.

For personal application, MacArthur warns that if the church you go to currently does not have a doctrinal statement or revere the exposition of the bible, you should find a new church (Even if it’s not emergent), to prevent “being tossed to and fro by the winds of doctrine.”

Phil Johnson also quotes from a few books. John MacArthur also notes that Zondervan, Christianity Today, as well as another book publisher promote the Emergent Church Movement, by publishing a large amount of books on the topic.

At the end of the podcast, Grace to You announced that this spring they will be giving away books for people who sign up to their mailing list called, The Truth War.

As a presuppositionist sidenote, John MacArthur mentions that his view of apologetics is to use the bible, “letting the lion out of the cage.”

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I am back……….

It is good to be back home after travelling to different parts of Asia. Now back to Veritas Domain. Thanks to my fellow brothers, the blog is never close, it is always open for business.

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