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Have anyone ever heard of William Wilberforce?

Among many Christians whom I view as my hero, William Wilberforce is one of those I esteem highly

And now there’s a movie about his life called ‘AMAZING GRACE’! Its already out in theatre…I need to go see it!

The trailer at this Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqlcjI85gaY&eurl=

And a Review: http://www.americanvision.org/articlearchive2007/02-23-07.asp , with an excerpt:

“Wilberforce, a member of the English parliament in the 18th century, was a committed Christian who did NOT believe his faith was simply a private matter. Rather, he applied his biblical worldview to the realm of politics and dedicated 30 years of his life to end the slave trade in the British empire. The movie is appropriately called Amazing Grace because Wilberforce was a contemporary and close friend of former slave trader John Newton. Newton’s dramatic conversion led him to write one of the most beloved hymns of all time—Amazing Grace. It is clear that God sovereignly ordained for the lives of Newton and Wilberforce to intersect and fulfill his plan for history.

Shortly after his conversion, the movie portrays Wilberforce confronted with what he perceives to be two mutually exclusive choices—a life of politics or a life of Christian service. A fellow Christian correctly reminds Wilberforce that he can do both. Real Christianity is not living a socially-irrelevant life while waiting for the “Rapture.” Real Christianity is a life dedicated to advancing the heart-changing and nation-transforming power of the Gospel. It’s being obedient to the Great Commission by making disciples and teaching them to obey all of the Bible. It is applying all of the Bible to all areas of life—areas such as politics, business, law, economics, arts, sciences, education, medicine, and more.”

William Wilberforce has done alot to end the African Slave Trade…

Less known but equally important is his role as a politician who with his missionary friend William Carrey (another hero of mine and interesting in his own right) whom both fought against pro-Imperialists and the East India Company to eventually end the legality of the Caste System as well. 

Being a Christian, being political and concern about the Lordship of Christ in all spheres of life, Wilberforce’s life story is a great example of Christ power in individuals to change the world around us.  I sometime am concern with the cultural retreat-ism prevalent among some quarters of American Christianity…Christ saves us not just to wait here as if we are waiting for the dentist, with nothing to do and being idle…we are called to do good works, to advance His Kingdom, love our neighbors, and as the central focus, to share the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST, who died to save sinners…

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