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John Piper’s Christ-Centered Grammar at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The complete sermon – Tuesday’s sermon and Thursday’s sermon

Piper said that Southern Seminary is posh!

(HT: SBTS students]

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Study Links Child Care to Problem Behavior

I have been cataloging headlines which demonstrate the cost of Christian neutrality. Psychology, history, and now- Childhood development. On FOXNews, a study was released which reaffirms what the Christian already (or should already) know- the responsibility of taking care of the child is parents.

I’m going to add my usual qualifier: If the issue about the validity of the conclusion of this study comes up, the main evidence is not the research but the bible. This headline only illustrates the premise that the Christian should already start with when doing any sort of inductive research.

We truly need godly Christians to continue to take every thought captive to Christ, in sociology and psychology, refusing to be robbed by the wisdom of the world but destroying all strongholds and philosophies not according to Christ.

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