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A discussion of apologetic methodology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Mark Coppenger, Bruce Ware (Evidential), Ted Cabal and Stephen Wellum (Presuppositional) Listen.

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Richard G. Swinburne is an eminent British philosopher (philosophy of religion and philosophy of science).

God and Morality
Evolution and Theodicy
The Probability of Jesus
The Existence of God
Evil, and How God Might Deal with it by Becoming Incarnate
The Historical Evidence for the Resurrection

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Craig vs. Hector Avalos
Craig vs. Brian Edwards #1   #2
Craig vs. Austin Dacey
Craig vs. Garrett Hardin
Craig vs. Frank Zindler
Craig vs. Peter W. Atkins
Craig vs. John Dominic Crossan
Craig vs. Gerd Ludemann
Craig vs. Jamal Badawi
Craig vs. Ray Bradley
Craig vs. Eddie Tabash
Craig vs. Arif Ahmed (Q & A)

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April 4th, 1999

I became a Believer in CHRIST JESUS…

Its been eight years

Its been some wonderful eight years though, rough times and happy times…

God is good

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