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MSNBC’s “Hokie Nation Supports Steger” notes the criticism that the President of Virginia Tech, Charles Steger, “has come under criticism for the delay of more than two hours before an e-mail was sent to students and staff notifying them that there had been a shooting on campus.”

My message to the critics: Stop criticizing Virgina Tech for failing to send an email out sooner. In real life things require time and there’s the uncertainty of what’s going on, and the location or activity of people.

There are several things to consider in order to understand the delay in shutting down the college. First, the speed of communication and uncertainty due to such.

Communications is extremely important during combat. Most institutions do not have a communication system in place to deliver rapid information from the sender to the addressee. The uncertainty and delay in communication is apparent from BBC’s excellent time-line of events:

VT Shooting Timeline

Of special importance was that, “At the time the shootings [were] believed to be an isolated, domestic incident.” For one, the shooting stopped. Two, the shooter was not found. The police treated it as an isolated incident, because at the time- it was an isolated incident! Do police normally wait two hours before assuming the murderer has finished killing?

Also, the police treated it as an isolated incident and the campus would have been told so.

Three, the criticism does not take into account that the police were still there taking security precautions and pursuing leads!

“Police seal off the hall, home to about 900 students, and tell students to stay indoors. Blacksburg police help to establish a safety perimeter and close nearby Washington Street.

Officers question students and, by 0730, a “person of interest” is being investigated.

At 0825 senior university staff meet to assess what is happening and how to tell students. At 0900 the leadership team is briefed by the campus police chief. “

No doubt the police told the president and the rest of the senior university staff of the investigation and security precautions currently being taken. Thus the president and the police both acted under the assumption that the two killings were isolated. In other words, they did not assume there going to be more killings, they did not assume the shooter had not finished but took precautions regardless. The police already isolated the building as well as closing down the street, which probably seemed adequate for just one building. Additionally the campus was already acting quickly, having a meeting shortly after an hour later.

Why is an hour quick? Because most likely the first notification after the shootings was to campus security- either by phone or finding a security guard to radio it in. Minus 5 minutes from confusion and fear from gunshots and subsequent call of situation and location to 911. Second, after the dispatcher sent officers as well as paramedics to respond to the call, the police dispatcher would have likely notified the sergeant or supervisor on watch at the time. The supervisor would likely have then either called or walked over and notified the chief of police or acting person in charge at the police station at the time. Minus five minutes. The acting commander would probably consider finding the suspect, assuming he hasn’t already fled, by searching the building and possibly the campus, securing a perimeter to prevent students and others from going in and out, isolating the crime scene and contacting outside forensics and homicide detective (I doubt campus police would have those departments on a college university). Minus five minutes.

My point is that contacting the president or any of the other staff would have been the last priority to securing the area, providing medical attention, and locating the shooter. So finally when the message actually got to the university, either directly to the president or to an assistant, the person would likely ask the assistant to make calls to all the senior staff notifying them of the situation and asking them to come in if they haven’t already. Minus at least another five to ten minutes for this. If the senior staff were not on campus one must allot time for driving to the meeting place. Minus 10 to 20 minutes. It is even more worthy of note that the senior staff met at 8:25, before the chief even briefed the leadership at 9am.

 At this point of time during more meeting deliberating how to react to the chief’s brief and how to announce it to the students that the second series of shootings began an Norris Hall. It is also notable to observe that the staff finished discussion in less than 30 minutes after the chief briefed them and sent an email out at 9:26am.

It would not be unusual that there were no security guards at the lecture halls and classrooms. Most likely, due to the already alerted presence, the police would be able to respond- it would not be immediately after the gunshots could be heard. There might also require additional consideration because the police assets were focused on the securing the area, shutting down the street, and processing the crime scene that any police or security that may have been near Norris Hall was moved from guarding a hall to the more pressing murders. Additionally even if police immediately responded to the gunshots half a mile away, police shutting down the street or securing the dorms would drop everything they’re doing and run toward the gunshots. Most likely a call would’ve been put out that gunshots were heard and the direction they may have heard.

It would not be until later that either a person in the classrooms might have called 911 or responding police identify the specific building the new gunshots were coming from. Standard procedure would have most likely to secure the perimeter, though because of the need to save students and the small police force may have prompted a few to attempt to enter the building- only to discover that some of the doors were chained closed. Once the second shooting location was finally established, the police may have finally notified the senior staff.

Thus even though the second email was 40 minutes after the second series of shootings began, it only 10 minutes after the police even responded to the call. Thus from the time the police knew, it required only 10 minutes for the police to contact university staff, and the university staff to send the second email as well as emergency phone calls.

Last thing to note is that after the second series of shooting began at 9:15 the cell phone calls would have definitely been overloaded with cell phone calls if it hadn’t already by the first shooting incident. The only ways of communicating effectively were land lines and radio.

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Who’s responsibility is it to protect yourself?

I could finally sit down and write here on wordpress for a little bit!

What a tragedy it has been for the Virginia Tech shooting incident. That was alot of people.

For those who were interested, Xanga featured had this Xanga user who went to Virginia Tech that might be interesting for some of you here: http://www.xanga.com/whosjennel/584546877/please-pray.html

Don’t want to be too political but I found this Blog made some good points

The question that has been in my head is, who’s primary responsibility is it, for the protection of your own life–is it the state, or you? Who would be better at defending your own life???

For over a hundred years, U.S. courts have ruled that individuals have no right to police protection. But given the numerous — almost routine — warnings from police spokesmen not to “take the law into your own hands” by resisting criminal violence with reasonable force, you really can’t blame people like the Shourds for thinking they have a right to the protection of the State.

You could read the rest here: http://golubski.blogspot.com/2007/04/bleating-for-security.html

You ever wonder about what goes through someone’s head that does things like this?

It such an evil…yet, not to make light of what he has done but I wonder what could possibly drove him to be so mad and angry to do such a thing?

Its a tragedy for everyone…

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Why does our media call this man the Virginia Tech Shooter instead of Murderer, anyway,

What is in the heart of the Virginia Tech murderer?

Jeremiah 17:9

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Jerry Falwell views the doctrine of Limited Atonement a heresy.

For those who wants an argument for Limited Atonement read John Owen’s, “The Death of Death in the Death of Christ.” J.I Packer’s Introduction is worth the price of the book.

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From http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070413/ap_on_go_ot/abstinence_study :

“Students who took part in sexual abstinence programs were just as likely to have sex as those who did not, according to a study ordered by Congress”

It begins with changing the heart. Christ can do the job that the state would not be able to.

One should not however, use this study to justify teaching sexual immorality instead.

I have questions about the type of Abstinence classes and the courses instead…

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THere’s an interesting website with a Brother in the Lord who took notes from this year’s Resolved Conference by illustrating (stick figures!) it here:


I thought this was a good Gospel presentation (its six pages long):


Example of the notes can be seen by clicking here:



When I preach, I want this guy to take notes!

Quite amusing yet edifying!

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