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The following below shows how irrational Americans and those in Law Enforcement get, in order to supress the freedom of speech of those who are Christian or Pro-life.

Just because you are in Law Enforcement does not allow you to punk before and arrest them without letting them know you are an agent of the Law (not to mention failure to inform why you are arresting them)

From the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust:

Theft. Intimidation. Violence.

A young man with braces on his frail knees, shoved against a wall and thrown to the ground. His personal items rifled through and kept without permission. Later, handcuffed and locked alone in a windowless room – without a light. And throughout this brutal treatment, he was never told why he was being arrested.

Two more young men shoved, choked, handcuffed, and carted off to jail. Also without being informed of their crime.

California police officers engaged in these very acts yesterday at Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

As I write, two members of the Campus Life Tour team sit in jail on a $25,527 bond. That’s $25,527 for each person.

Friends of the Survivors, I ask for your prayers. I have worked with the Survivors since the birth of the organization in 1998, and I have never before seen this level of discrimination, hatred, and police brutality.


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