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What is the foundation for truth?

Most (ok, I will be generous—instead of “all”) atheists believe that atheism is true and theism is false/wrong/duplicitous. However, to state that atheism is true implies that there is such a thing as objective truth. The atheist does not believe that atheism is only true for them but it should be to everyone as well. But if atheism is true, there must be a foundation for objective truth.

So what is the foundation for truth?

Most (ok, I will generous again—instead of “all”) atheists pride themselves on being rational. But, why be rational if the universe is the result of random chance or irrational chance? There is no reason to be rational or coherent in a random universe. Therefore, the very thing in which atheists most pride themselves has not foundation. This is another question, let us stay with “What is the foundation for truth?

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