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Sam Shamoun is to be congratulated for a good work. He was able to stay on the topic and gave a good presentation and rebuttal on his part. I believe the Muslim debater is the first in the U.S to debate on “Is Islam a Religion of Peace?”

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Some words from Dr. Van Til, the fame Christian professor from Westminister Seminary:

“…we should notice that there are thousadns who do not engage in intellectual consideration of the truth to any great extent, no so much because they are necessarily indifferent to such things by nature as because they are necessarily indifferent to such thigs by nature as because they are unsuited to it. With respect to these, it is obvious that it would be useless to present the intellectual argument for Chrisitan theism in any subtle and detailed form. Nor is this necessary. A simple presentation of the truth in positive form, and once more largely by way of testimony, may be all that is required. Chirstianity is not for a few elite intellectualists. Its message is to the simple and to the learned. The argument must therefore be adapted to each one’s mental capacity. And it should not be forgotten that the difference between the larned and the unlearned is, after all, very small when it comes to a consideration of ultimate questions. The learned may have more facts at his disposal and be more skilled in the use of the syllogism, but when it comes to a consideration of the meaning of any one fact or of all facts put together, all this refinement does not bring him very far.” (Van TIl’s Apologetics: Readings and Analysis, pg. 477 through 478)

Thus, the Christian apologist must be equip in his presentation for the simple and the more sophisticated audience. A roubust Apologetics system must ultimately then be focused upon the basic (by that we do not mean ‘simplistic’, but foundational) ultimate commitment in a worldview. By majoring in these, he is equip. He must also be able to explain abstract concepts to even the kids in his church’s sunday school in a way they can understand. Yet, he continues to learn and realize that he must be teachable in order to fulfill the mandate of being “Always be prepared”.

Ultimately, the importance of the gospel must not be missed in apologetics engagement. If there is no objections, or when the hostile heckling of unbelief has been silence, the gospel must be preached, in all its glory. Let no one ever mistaken that Christian apologetics somehow imply that it is a faith for only those who have a grasp in philosophy, etc.

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