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I think it is safe for me to say that those of us behind Veritas Domain have been rather busy…

Its timely for me to post a quote about John Calvin to encourage those who might be in school, seminary, ministry or missions this time of the year and are very busy:

T. H. L. Parker, translator and biographer, writes of Calvin, “On Sunday he took always the New Testament, except for a few Psalms on Sunday afternoon. During the week … it was always the Old Testament.” He took five years to complete the Book of Acts. He preached 46 sermons on Thessalonians, 186 on Corinthians, 86 on the Pastorals, 43 on Galatians, 48 on Ephesians. He spent five years on his Harmony of the Gospels. That was just his Sunday work! During the weekdays in those five years he preached 159 sermons on Job, 200 on Deuteronomy, 353 on Isaiah, and 123 on Genesis.” (Southern Baptist Journal of Theology 3:2 [Summer 1999]: 50)

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