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This is a good work by Gordon Clark. A collection of essays put together in one volume, this work should be read by those who might be curious to see the way Clark goes about to apply his form of philosophical defense of the Word of God. The first chapter of “How may I know the Bible is Inspired?” is a must read for every Christian for every Christian that ever wonder about that question, and it does so within a presuppositional framework. Throughout the book are chapters in which Clark applies rigorous logical analysis to various critics against the Bible. For those who are use to an evidential bent in tackling critics of the Bible, one can learn something from reading Clark and seeing how to apply a presuppostional critique to the argument itself given by the critics and see how it breaks down philosophically. One sad note in reading this book is seeing the historical setting in which Clark wrote in, and the state of evangelical theological landscape today becoming worst than during his time. Clark throughout the book highly esteemed the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS), but the current state of ETS would very much disappoint him.

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