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I’ve been experimenting the last few months from being away from much of politics on line. Politics attract some strange people. For example, it can get tiring seeing some liberals who have no life (key word is some) posting anonymous comments on forum pretending to be Conservative Marine Veterans slandering Conservatism and being left exposed for their lies when they call themselves soldiers (Marines are not soldiers and no Marine would call himself a soldier).

You can even see on Veritas Domain entry on Sarah Palin, which has had some interesting comments this week.

But I think this is rather going to far when someone who is a journalist gets paid to write about Sara Palin’s hairstyle:


And I can tell you that most guys who see what the news reporter haircut looks like will wonder how people who have even worst hair cuts can be experts to talk about other people’s hair.

But unlike the news reporter, I don’t get paid to tell you this. That one was for free.

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