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Apparently Barna’s polling reveal that this election this past Tuesday reveal that some Evangelical voters were swayed to vote for Obama because:

born-again Christians voting for Obama say they are backing the Illinois senator because they believe he will do a better job restoring America’s reputation and handling the economy and agree with his stance on the Iraq War.

You can read the news story here: http://www.worthynews.com/news/onenewsnow-com-Election2008-Default-aspx-id-303730/

It seems like the economic factor is the biggest issue this election that determined how people voted for Americans in General. And it seem that gave Obama some inroad with Evangelicals.

I think it is also important for something Christians to remember here is that in our economic ups and down, there are not millions of people dying because of our bad economy in the US, and most people still are getting by with food on stomach and shelter over their head of some sort. I say this as a poor minority, from a poor minority family.  While the economy is important, I still do not think it is equal to or more important than the Abortion issue, because thousands of lives are killed regularly.

This Barna research poll reveals that discipleship of Christian character, life, and worldviews are important and the poll is just revealing the symptom of where people’s priorities are at of those who call themselves evangelical Christians: Their economic prosperity rather than defending the life of innocents who are killed every day under the name of Abortion.

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