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Quiz yourself to see where you stand in regards to NT use of the OT

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According to University of Münster Institute for New Testament Textual Research, the official list of important Greek manuscripts, classified according to the categories defined above is,

As of May 2006,

  • Papyri: 118
  • Majuscule Manuscripts: 318
  • Minuscule Manuscripts: 2,879
  • Lectionaries: 2,435

Total: 5,750

Comparing to other work of antiquity, the New Testament has greater numerical and documentation than any other book. Most of the available works of antiquity have only a few manuscripts that attest to their existence and these are typically quite removed from their original date of composition so that it is not uncommon for the earliest copy of a manuscript to be over 900 years after its original composition. F.F. Bruce cataloged it below,




of MSS

Oldest Copy

Caesar’s Gallic Wars

58-50 B.C.


800-808 A.D.

Livy’s Roman History

59 B.C.-A.D. 17

20 fragments

1 from the 4th century

Tacitus’s Histories/ Annals

A.D. 100


9th century A.D.

Tacitus’s Minor Works

A.D. 100


10th century A.D.

Thucydides’s History

460-400 B.C.


900 A.D.

Herodotus’s History

488-428 B.C.


900 A.D.

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