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I just received the following email from Phil Vischer about upcoming Christian TV shows on a “mini-network” called JellyTelly. I wasn’t able to hear the sound from the videos but the newsletter suggested the Christians shows are meant to address kids’ biblical illiteracy and compete with secular networks such as Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel.

Honestly, I think if they can pull this off business-wise, it’d be great. When I used to watch some of these shows with my younger cousin, I’d have to qualify every underlying message I felt compelled to bring up. Watching secular television without a developed Christian worldview is a uphill battle. Some common themes I saw on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel included, secular love, dating, romance and marriage, portrayal of maliciousness toward other kids as humor, lying, and disobeying parents. Add secular music, and educating a kid with a biblical worldview is a losing battle. I can’t censor every song she listens to on Disney radio.  It’s no wonder she already has a “boyfriend.”

Anyways, I digress. Below is the newsletter and the links:

November 2008

Dear FFP (friends and fans of Phil!) …
We’ve launched! After three years of work, we just launched JellyTelly – our new kids “mini-network” – at www.JellyTelly.com!

Every day on JellyTelly kids can watch 20 minutes of “mini” TV shows and play online games while learning about the Bible and their faith. Biblical illiteracy is a huge problem in the church, and we think we can help address it in the same way Sesame Street tackled basic literacy back in the 60s and 70s.

Beyond that, by collaborating with other Christian producers we are planting the seed for what could become an alternative to Nickelodeon® and the Disney Channel® – a tiny kids network that can help raise the next generation of Christians while launching the next generation of Christian storytellers. It’s an exciting time – the most fun I’ve had since we launched VeggieTales® out of a spare bedroom way back in 1993!

To hear more about the mission of JellyTelly, watch this video. To see a sample of our programming and meet Buck Denver, Clive & Ian, the Bentley Brothers, Dr. Schniffenhowzen, Agnes & Winnefred, and Quacky the Duck, watch this clip.

We’ve got a great opportunity to launch the next phase of Christian kids media, and you can be a part of it. Check it out at www.JellyTelly.com/!
Phil Vischer

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Louis Berkhof offers the classic Reformed systematic theology. He provides the full loci to the study of theology, from anthropology to eschatology. It is one of the best one-volume systematic out there. I prefer this edition because the publisher combined Berkhof’s “Introduction to the Study of Systematic Theology” which he penned for his students to be the prolegomena to his Systematic Theology. The introduction to the theology includes methods and history and foundation of theological discourse. The preface is penned by another favourite author of mine, Dr. Richard Muller – he explained the rational behind the combination of the two books. Many systematic theology books do not treat the Introduction to Theology in any extensive manner but not this volume.

I have only one minor complain of this book and that’s against the publisher – make the font of the words BIGGER!


Click to purchase this book

Louis Berkhof was born in Emmen, Drenthe, the Netherlands, Louis Berkhof emigrated with his family to Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1882. He graduated from Calvin Theological Seminary in 1900 and accepted the call to be the pastor of the Allendale, Michigan First Christian Reformed Church. In 1902 he went to Princeton Theological Seminary for two years earning a B.D. degree. He then accepted the pastorship of the Oakdale Park Church in Grand Rapids. And later became the President of Calvin Theological Seminary.

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Congratulations to the winners of this year’s essay winners!

The topic happened to be in Politics and the Economy

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I want to salute and honor all the veterans who have served their country especially to my two bloggers who are the United States Marine Corp veterans. You have served your country with honor. Hoooahhhh!

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