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Doug Pagitt, a visible leader of the Emergent Movement, has announced his plan to run for office with the Minnesota State Legislature. You can read his announcement here:


If Doug Pagitt is reading this, I hope I can say some words of encouragement as a brother in Christ:

I know we might not agree everything theologically, but if we are both brothers in the LORD, I just want to encourage you to follow God and the Bible even as one in office.

I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be involved in the Campaign process, and in 2004 I helped a friend running for city office as his campaign manager.  I know its nothing in comparision of a state level political candidate (our low budget campaign utilized young loyal Marine Veterans to walk the streets…hey, if they can walk miles of patrols and some of them having combat experiences clearing cities house to house…they would walk for hours in a suburban safe terrain for another Marine veteran campaigning!), but  I can imagine a bit of how much it will drain you! Continually be in the WORD when you are discouraged, tired and overwhelmed, and seek the LORD”s Will even in how you campaign.

Finally, if you ever enter into office, remember that it is the Soverign LORD who put you in power. He is in Control. Please remember and live out the principles from the Bible of God’s view of the government and Justice: http://www.teamtruth.com/articles/art_godthebibleandjustice.htm

Know that the ultimate person you want to please in office is not man, but God. It won’t be easy, but you know that if you do, God will be with you, and that the cause of righteousness will be served when you fight against the injustices towards the unborn, etc.

God bless you!

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