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The guys over at Team Pyro responds to a recent current event of a lady in sin who has gone public to the media to fight back against a church who’s exercising church discipline.

The pastors happened to be graduates of The Master’s Seminary.

Some good points made about her irrationality of going to the Media about the church ‘making her sins public’:

  1. Ms. Hancock is so worried about how hearing of her sin in church will affect her (adult) children… that she goes to the media with it? So, instead of a small local congregation knowing about her sin, now (potentially) the whole world knows about her sin. That makes sense? Neither reporter thought to ask her about that?
  2. In fact, we’re to believe that Ms. Hancock thinks it would have less of a negative impact on her children to have the whole world know (A) of her sin, and (B) of her unwillingness to take responsibility for it. That made sense to the reporters? No question-marks? None?

For more read here: http://teampyro.blogspot.com/2008/12/breaking-news-church-dares-to-practice.html

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