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Reading this book by Iain Murray made me have to put the book down at times because I got angry.  I actually got angry reading this book, to read of the comprimise of the Evangelical faith that is documented in the book.  Particularly, the part about Billy Graham was by itself to upset anyone reader who respect him yet also have a high view of Biblical doctrines and the Evangelical faith.

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This book is largely a narrative of the how Evangelicals have become wishy washy, particuarly in English circles.  It was sad to read Murray’s documentation of what Alister McGrath, Mark Noll and J. I. Packer has to say.  By time the book started talking about the Ecumenical movement, I was furious at how Evangelicals could be so naive at best and wolves in sheep’s clothings at it’s worst.

It is a reminder as I read this of how much it is important to walk in His Word and define what is a Christian not according to what others would want to hear but WHAT THE BIBLE says.

For those that do have a place in their heart for Evangelicals in England, this book is an essential read of one man’s perspective of the last fifty years.

I just wished the book went over more about Martin Lloyd-Jones.

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