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In response to yesterday’s entry of my quick jot concerning the book “Evangelicalism Divided”, a brother in the Lord name Keith responded with something that I think is worth sharing as an entry.  It is so easy for us to just complain, but what are the solutions to the problem within Evangelical circles?  I was edified by Keith’s comment and remembered again how true is the saying that “You can’t be something with nothing”; what is the Solution to such an epidemic among “Evangelicals”?

His comments is worth posting as an entry itself:

Rather than lament it, what can we do in a positive sense? I think there are three things that must be done, and urgently:

(1) We must teach doctrine. We as church leaders within the Evangelical movement have done a poor job of teaching believers the content of the faith – witness recent polls of how many churchgoers, in otherwise sound churches, don’t believe in the virgin birth, miracles, or that Jesus is the only way to Heaven.

(2) We must hold church members accountable for conduct. Too many churches have become tolerant of lifestyles of open sin – and not merely at the teen and young-adult level, I might add – leaving members free to live in any way they please.

(3) We must “protect the brand name.” This means presenting both to the church and to the world a clear picture of “this is what a Christian is.”

To which I say a hearty AMEN! Sometimes the answer is staring us in the face…staring at us from the PAGES of SCRIPTURE ITSELF!

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