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This is very interesting:

Richard Mouw, the president of Fuller Seminary has written a book review of John Muether’s biography of Cornelius Van Til

It is interesting of how many people have crossed path with Dr. Van Til during his lifetime, and Richard Mouw is one of them

I would not consider Dr. Mouw as being in the same theological camp as I am, but his review talks about the good impact of Van Til to those who are more theologically left:

Those of us—and I consider myself in this crowd—who are more tempted in the commonness direction would do well to learn from a nice little vignette that Muether relates. Toward the end of his life, Van Til returned to Grand Rapids and visited one of his Calvin philosophy professors, William Harry Jellema, who was close to death. Jellema was very much a common-grace type Kuyperian, well known for his expressed hope that he would meet Socrates in heaven. He and Van Til had long parted ways on many key philosophical and theological matters. On this occasion, however, Van Til thanked his former teacher for what he had learned from Jellema. Jellema responded: “Yes, but Kees, it was you who at times kept us from going too far.” Jellema is not the only one with that kind of indebtedness to Van Til.

Here is the link from Christianity Today: http://www.christianitytoday.com/global/printer.html?/bc/2009/marapr/4.9.html

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