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Two Carbon footprints just got married

The world is in frailty,

Its prophet, the poet, suffers defective inability,

To sing of a meaningful melody,

And its attempt to romanticize the lovely,

Is a pathetic pity,

Wondering about what message we send to other galaxy,

Through our satellite signal and radio waves for TV,

Wondering beyond this earth if there might be,

Something out there but with no reference to Deity,

Yet hoping ever slightly,

Perhaps just an alien there might be,

Might see,

To make it a worthwhile cherish memory,

Etched on a galaxy,

Of static and planetary body,

Wanting love to be more than neurons chemistry,

Yet disturbed with irony:

Wars, peace and the ugly,

Yet the existence of moments so lovely?

Oh, can it be?

In a wedding where greetings are many,

Smiles and hugs are plenty,

The poet preaches his religion of philosophy,

Long, boring, no rhyme, it is pathetic really,

The annoyed audience smiles politely,

Like they do to a boring priest’s eulogy,

The poet center-staged philosophizing love and the ugly,

Such dialectical Kantian philosophy!

Unable to synthesize the two reality,

The existence of love and the ugly,

The clown left his closing line no hope of the pretty,

To his poison of existential philosophy,

“All is meaningless if you ask me”,

The audience, not understanding his poetry,

Has the stupid audacity,

To applaud for his poetry,

With no rhyme and a bad philosophy,

That undermines the point of getting marry!

Such Post-modernity,

What agnosticism of what is lovely!

A poet, the priest of ungodly philosophy,

Delivers his blowing lines to his own family!

How offensive, how can he?!

There’s got to be a law if you ask me,

Of Separation of Wedding and philosophy!

As people clap I watch his expression intently,

So much to be applauded for nothing really,

In a world with no reference to God,

The glory of getting marry,

It’s beauty,

Becomes so ugly,

A fading moment till all dies with the memory,

All the attendee, the couple and everybody,

In frail morality,

Are nothing more than specks of dust really,

In a particle filled no-God galaxy,

Two carbon footprint just got married…


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