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Is it legitimate to preach on the example of Jesus for young people to do apologetics?

“What Would Jesus Do?”

Verse 40 and 52 shows that in Jesus humanity; He was learning, and growing, which is the model we attempt to accomplish with the youth of any church

Christians are commanded elsewhere in Scripture to do apologetics (1 Peter 3:15), and here is an example of young Jesus doing it!

PROPOSITON: A young Christian apologist should be like Jesus.

A young Christian apologist:

1.) Grows in wisdom (v.40, 52)

a. He was growing in Wisdom before questioning the religious leaders (v.40)

b. He was growing in Wisdom after questioning religious leaders (v.52)

c. His questioning and answering to the religious leaders shows His wisdom and people were amazed (v.47)

d. His parents were astonished (v.48)

2.) Is normal (v.40, 52)

a. Jesus was growing strong (v.40), like any kid was

b. He grew in height or maturity (v.52)

c. He found favor with men (v.52)

d. In other words, he was not only just an “apologist” who grew only in wisdom!

3.) Seeks an opportunity for apologetics (v. 41-43)

a. In Jerusalem, He went to the religious leaders (v.46)

b. He goes to them after the Feast was over (v.43)

4.) Asks questions, and answers them (v.46-7)

a. He was there for three days and three nights doing His things (v.46)

b. He was 12 years old among the wise (“in the midst of the teachers” v.46)

c. He listens (v.46)

d. He asks questions (v.46)

e. He answers them (v.47)

f. He answers them well (v.47)

5.) Submits to their parents (v.48-51)

a. Parents concern

b. He followed His parents in subjection (v.51)

c. Though He is wiser than His parents, He does not disrespect them

6.) Is right with G\od (v.39, 52)

a. He has the favor of God (v.52)

b. God’s grace was upon Him (v.40)

c. He does the Father’s will (v.49)

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