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In the introduction to the work, Van Til himself specifically state that he wants to give an overview. This work captures a good summary of Van Til’s apologetic of the Reformed Biblical Christian faith, where the Gospel is an antithetical challenge to all other worldview. With broad strokes, he addresses the philosophy that has risen out of Roman Catholicism, Arminianism, and Modernism. This work, though it is dated in regards to some of the philosophers and thinkers he addressed (it is written in the 1950s), is still a worthwhile read especially for those who wish to understand how Van Til’s scheme of apologetics is applied by Van Til himself. He makes the observation of the rational v.s irrational dialectic of non-Christian worldviews, then makes the power argument of how the nonbeliever is inconsistent with this dialectical tension whenever they expound their beliefs and their rejection of Christianity. It is a great observation that Van Til makes, one that is useful when it comes to a Christian’s defense of the faith. There needs to be an updated work like this addressing the contemporary worldview trends today, a nice title being “The intellectual challenge of the Gospel Today

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