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In light of yesterday’s entry concerning Driscoll, Song of Solomon and the Scotland sermon in perspective, I thought it was good to address a comment on another blog which states,

I totally agree with you on the need for a biblical theology of sex. It hurts young people and it hurts intimacy in marriage when fundamentalists treat sex as a dirty thing not to be talked about and liberals treat it as a thing of personal conviction without consequence.

Just for therecord, John MacArthur would not fall into the category of fundamentalists talked about, since he made it clear in the beginning of his post on Song of Solomon and Mark Driscoll,

I would be the last to suggest that preachers should totally avoid the topic of sex. Scripture has quite a lot to say about the subject…But the language Scripture employs when dealing with the physical relationship between husband and wife is always careful—often plain, sometimes poetic, usually delicate, frequently muted by euphemisms, and never fully explicit

For this evening’s blog post, it’s important to not just be negatively refuting something but offer something that is positive to address the topic.  I find Doug Wilson’s book to be quite edifying, in the content and the manner he presented the subject.

This book is a breath of fresh air. One of Doug Wilson’s gift is the ability that God has given him to craft his writing in a witty and interesting way. Combine that with the biblical principles Wilson presents, the book proves to be an edifying read, one that is hard to put down. Though it is short in length, it is pack not only with biblical insight but also God-given wisdom of a married couple who has been there, and APPLIED that. A highlight in the book is the theme of the biblical role of husband and wife. It should leave readers with the impression that a good marriage would be hard work, and one that is centered on God according to the blueprint that God has given in His Word. Definitely a recommended resource for couples who are courting and even newly wed. Read it with your partner. I praise God that in His Sovereignty, my Pastor assigned this as a reading in our church’s couple’s meeting!

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