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Continuing with the previous post on culture, here is an excerpt outline that consider the objections to culture and tradition as authority, as part of a series of outlines in Systematic theology over at Truth Evangelical Assistance Ministry:

Part XI: Objections to Culture and Traditions as Authority

I. Introduction

a. The ultimate authority for the Christian ought to be the Word of God.

i. There can be no other ultimate authority.

1. This outline will consider the case against two alternative authorities that are usually marshaled against Biblical authority. These are:

a. Authority on the basis of Culture

b. Authority on the basis of Traditions

2. Culture and Traditions: Definitions and relationship
a. Definition

i. Culture: A fixed or fluid social unit with networks of beliefs concerning social expectations, values and explanation of the world.

1. Henry Van Til famously described culture as “religion externalized”.

ii. Tradition: A network of beliefs concerning social expectation, values and narratives that claims to have historical antecedent and explanation of the world.

FOR THE REST OF THIS OUTLINE, VISIT http://teamtruth.com/articles/out_systematictheologypart011.htm

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