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George Bryson, the director of Calvary Chapel Church Planting Mission, wrote a book several years back against Calvinism called “The Dark Side of Calvinism”. I thought it was funny, that turning to the back of the book, there is an endorsement quote from Doug Wilson of the work. The quote is as follows:

“George Bryson is a very unusual non-Calvinist…His descriptions are fair and accurate, and he clearly knows his subject.”

I started wondering about  what might be missing in the context of the quote, as Doug Wilson himself claims to be a Calvinist.

The original source of Wilson’s comment can be found here: http://credenda.org/issues/10-3meander.php

It turns out that the quote was originally a brief comment by Doug Wilson not about this book (“The Dark Side of Calvinism“), but Bryson’s earlier work, The Five Points of Calvinism: Weighed and Found Wanting.  This quote then is not necessarily an endorsement of The Dark Side of Calvinism itself.

Doug Wilson also wrote:

The first portion of the book, the place where he does all this, is very good. The second, where he turns to refutation, falls in another category.

It does not seem fully honest to use a selected quote from Wilson as an endorsement, when Wilson did not think HALF the book was good, and then that being of another book instead of the one that seem to be “endorsed”.

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