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Even Seminary Students have told me that Van Til is not easy to understand when you first read his work.

I’ve always wondered which work to recommend people in the primary reading of Van Til.

So it came as a suprise to me that while reading his “The Defense of the Faith”, he wrote in the preface his recommendation of the order of reading his work.

“For those who, after finishing this work, wish to pursue the various areas discussed in more depth, unblished class syllabi are available.  They may be most profitably consulted in the following order:  First, The Protestant Doctrine of Scripture; second, Introduction to Systematic Theology; third, A Christian Theory of Knowledge; fourth, History of Christian Epistemology; fifth, Apologetics; sixth, Christian Theistic Evidences; seventh, Christian Theistic Ethics; eighth, The Truimph of Grace; ninth, Sovereign Grace Defended, and finally, The Phschology of Religion.”

I will soon be reviewing Van Til’s The Defense of the Faith here on Veritas Domain.

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