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Defense of the Faith

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An eleven chapter book by Cornelius Van Til, the Father of Presuppositionalism. He addresses the topic of apologetics methodology throughout the book, and calls Christian to be alert for autonomous reasoning that does not submit to the Word of God. For readers who have been introduced to Presuppositional Apologetics through Greg Bahnsen, one will see some of the themes played out here, after all Bahnsen’s was a disciple of Van Til. Readers will see the theme of the Creator and Creature distinction much more clearly in this book than Bahnsen per se. In fact this is probably the best book to begin for those who want to read Van Til in his own words. Overall, the best chapter was chapter ten, titled “Defense of the Faith”. This chapter has a good discussion of what an “Evangelical” (non-Reformed) apologetics look like in a scenario where “Mr. Grey” evangelizes to the nonbeliever “Mr Black” while “Mr. White” (the Reformed Believer) observes the practical inadequacy of non-Presuppositional Apologetics.

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