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I hope the Christian community can keep on praying for Rifqa Bary, a Muslim girl who converted to Christianity and is now in fear for her life, of her Muslim father.

Pray that God will protect her, that God will give strength and wisdom to the lawyers, and the judge to make the right decision.

The next trial is set for September 29th.

This document is interesting, as it discusses about the link of the father’s mosque to extremists: http://www.jihadwatch.org/Noor%20Memo%20of%20Law.pdf

The same document has her testimony of how she became a Christian, and her side of the story as it is given in legal written testimony:

15. I became a Christian on Friday, November 18, 2005 at the Korean United Methodist Church in Columbus, Ohio;

16. I hid my Christian faith from my parents as best as I could and had to sneak around to attend Christian campus meetings. I also hid my Bible at home in various locations;

17. In about 2007 my father discovered a copy of a book entitled the “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren that I hid in my bedroom. My father had a serious talk with me about the importance of retaining the Islamic blood line in my family but I did not tell him about my conversion;

18. In June of 2009 my father confronted me with several questions about whether I had become a Christian, whether I was baptized, ifl was going to a church. Out of fear I remained silent;

19. Then my father told me that he received numerous e-mails and phone calls from the leaders of the Noor Center community who informed him that he needed to deal with this matter immediately;

20. In a fit of anger that I had never seen before in my life, he picked up my lap top, waived it over my head as if to strike me with it and said “If you have this Jesus in your heart, you are dead to me! You are no longer my daughter.” I continued to remain silent and then he said to me even more angry than before, “I will kill you! Tell me the truth!”

21. On July 17, 2009, my mother confronted me about another Christian book she discovered that I had hid in my bedroom. She had just spoken with my father was on the phone who was out of town. She was very upset, in tears, and almost grieving and told me I was going to have to be sent back to Sri Lanka to be dealt with.

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