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In the corpus of Christian apologist Cornelius Van Til’s work, this would probably not go down in history as the most memorable one of his works. Having been titled, “Paul at Athens”, I think Van Til could have further expounded Acts 17, and exegetically digested the passages itself! As a small work, with a broad stroke, the general thrust of what Van Til has to say here is important: Christians in their defense of the faith ought to get deeper in the actual confrontation of unbeliever’s presuppositions, after all, it is the unbelieving presuppositions which reject the “Christian” fact of the resurrection even if they say that the resurrection did happen. The nonbeliever holds to autonomy and a metaphysics which ultimately believe that everything is one. The works mention some of Van Til’s important theme in his apologetics, and the general reader might not comprehend the significance of Van Til’s insight from this brief booklet. I suggest they read Van Til’s other works, such as “The Defense of the Faith” (see my review of it!), for the fuller development of Van Til’s insight.


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