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Great book, this is the third book that Doug Wilson wrote in addressing the New Atheists. This time, Wilson responds to Christopher Hitchen’s work, “God is not Good: How religion poison everything”. In Wilson’s response, he is witty and insightful. In apologetics, attention to detail is important and Wilson has the compacity of analyzing Hitchens. You will be reading this and be laughing. “God is” is a a good source of illustrations for dialogues in apologetics, and a great example of Presuppositional Apologetics applied. Though Wilson is writing this from the perspective of the Van Tillian’s camp, Wilson writes this book without resorting to the typical VanTillian lingo, a breath of fresh air for some and less intimidating for those who might not be as familar with Van Til’s framework. In comparison with the first book Wilson wrote on atheism, “Letter from a Christian Citizen”, in which Wilson responds to the Atheist Sam Harris, I thought this particular work was not just the repetition of a previous book applied to another atheist. Rather, Wilson seem to have taken his literary gift and sore to new heights and original illustrations.


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