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Merry Christmas to you all!

Remember that Jesus is the reason for Christmas

A Veritas Domain entry from the past here of a Christmas poem that I think is still relevant about Christmas

I reposted it here:

The Story Of The Birth Of Jesus

Once a cold night in December,

Began a story we all remember,

With angels singing praise,

And nearby Shepherds daze.

That night in a lonely manger,

Could not have been lonelier,

For a young pregnant virgin,

With no room in the inn.

A Holy Child was born,

In a place that’s not adorn,

For the Child was a King,

Salvation He will bring.

A bright star marked the sky,

And Wise Men even came by,

Searching for the mighty One,

God’s Holy Son.

Shepherds who worked at night,

Saw an angel gleaming bright,

As they headed for the manger,

That one night in December.

In that lonely manger,

There lay the Savior,

By the Virgin Mother,

And Joseph besides her.

Of what they witness in the stall,

They praise God for what they saw.

And when they went away that night,

From that manger site,

The Good news got around,

That in a little Judea town,

A little child wrapped warmly,

Was a child of God’s Glory.

This story, now many years old,

And millions of times retold,

Reached many different places,

And all kind of races.

Many have been blessed,

Because of the birth of Jesus.

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