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Continuing with our week-long posting on great resources on Google Books for the Christian apologist, tonight’s full view resource is “The Christian View of God and the World”.

Before Gordon Clark’s “A Christian View of Man and Thing”, a young Gordon Clark read James Orr’s “The Christian View of God and the World” in his father’s library.

As a result of this influence, decades later, an older Gordon Clark would deliver his lectures at Wheaton that would form the book “A Christian View of Man and Thing”

Now you can enjoy James Orr’s work also as well by clicking here

For Presuppositionalists, this is wonderful to see an influential work that laid the foundation for Presuppositionalism.

For those who are more bent towards historical theology, what’s great is that Google Books have other editions of this book online, just check out the right side after you click on the link

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