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The internet has become a place for people to retreat away from the real world through online gaming, “reality” worlds, forums and pornography

This is sad, and also ungodly.

Several days ago this was on the news and it made me grieve thinking about the effect of a generation who have grown up stuck with the TV tube, gaming and internet for hours, rather than grow up to be Men that God has called males to be.

From the BBC, the headlines states “S Korea child ‘starves as parents raise virtual baby”

S Korea ‘web neglect’ baby dies

A South Korean couple who were addicted to the internet let their three-month-old baby starve to death while raising a virtual daughter online, police said.

The pair fed their own premature baby just once a day in between 12-hour stretches at an internet cafe, the official Yonhap news agency reported.

Police officer Chung Jin-won told Yonhap they “lost their will to live a normal life” after losing their jobs.

He said they “indulged themselves online” to escape from reality.

The 41-year-old father and his 25-year-old wife were arrested in the city of Suweon, south of Seoul, earlier this week, five months after they reported the death of their baby.

An autopsy showed her death was caused by a long period of malnutrition.

The couple had become obsessed with nurturing a virtual girl called Anima in the popular role-playing game Prius Online, police said on Friday.

The game enables players to interact with Anima and as they do so, help her to recover her lost memory and develop emotions.

This is the generation I have grown up surrounded with, and which I minister to.  Some may laugh and indeed it is ridiculous, but sin is irrational including the idols of the internet as some sort of retreat from the real world.  What it comes down to is the issue of the heart, and the ungodly neglect of responsibility.  It is wicked in the sight of the Lord and God judges such sins.

I pray that God will use this entry providentially to call sinners who have been consumed with the internet and neglecting their responsibilities in the real world of work, taking care of the family, being a good son to their parents, or BEING PARENTS or from pursuing Godliness in their own lives, to TURN AWAY FROM THEIR IDOLS  and come to Jesus Christ and surrender themselves to HIM as their LORD and SAVIOR in order that they be forgiven by God and be right with God.

We live in a world where the average gamer is now 29 years old…we are in a world of males who are nothing but Peter Pan…that needs to shave.  It’s time to grow up in maturity and to stop settling for the easy path of thinking that the battle they have to fight is some animated Captain Hook or go out with some internet gal of a Tinkerbell to impress. Repent (turn away from it!) and replace that with Jesus the Lord and SAVIOR.

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