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I wanted to continue with yesterday’s discussion of this generation of males who refuse to be men that act with responsibility.

Don’t want people to think I’m legalistically against the Internet (it can be a great tool).  This is a case in point.

Before we were Christians, my sister’s favorite song was by the Band Everclear titled “Father of Mine”.  It was also one of my favorite secular music back in the day…

I never even knew they had a music video of it, and would have forgotten all about this song until now thanks to Youtube.

It’s a sad song about the lead singer being abandoned by his dad, and I think it’s a great telling cultural marker of males no longer being the men that God has called them to be (as fathers, husbands, etc).

Here’s the video:

It’s the song that millions of children born to the baby boomers could relate to in their own lives, with the disintergration of the family when fathers live as if life is all about them.

For those who are Christians, this should not be the pattern.  One’s identity in Christ as men should lead Christians to act like men who is responsible.

Pastor Alex Monotya, the Senior Pastor of First Fundamental Bible Church now located at Whitter, exhorts believing men to act as men in this short clip:

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