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Ted Slater had the same thought when he wrote,

It’s been over a month since Focus on the Family’s ad appeared in the Super Bowl. From time to time I hear comments that maybe Focus shouldn’t have placed the ad, or should have placed a more hard-hitting ad. “What good has it done?” I hear some ask.

It certainly did, with a woman name Susan.  Her email to Focus on the Family:

I need to thank you so much. It’s not like me to reach out to strangers or agencies for help. I was truly feeling lost. I saw the ad during the Super Bowl and it stuck in my head. I feel like that commercial was made to reach out to me.

Later that week I googled it and watched the ad over and over. Then I went to your website and watched the related interview. I felt drawn to reach out to you and I am so glad that I did. You may think that all you did was email me back, but you did so much more than that!!! You gave me hope and encouragement.

Why is it? If you want to know, read the rest of the entry over at Boundlessline’s blog

It made my night just reading it!

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