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The Burning of the Quran

Its not OK to burn the Quran but it is OK to burn the Bible.

Why are there no outcry from the President, Defence Secretary, Secretary of State, the media and everyone else who has a problem with the Florida Pastor (Terry Jones)?

Double standard?

Christians in Gaza Fear for Their Lives as Muslims Burn Bibles and Destroy Crosses.

Military burns Bibles sent to troops in Afghanistan

Is Islam a religion of peace? If it is, why are the followers acting so violently?


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There is now a drawing for a limited time of free books offered by Kress Press


In particular, they are three books of the Glory series by Dr. Greg Harris, Professor of Bible Exposition from The Master’s Seminary.

They are quite an edifying read, and expositional yet devotional by nature

Here’s Challies’ info:

The second prize package is geared toward general readers and includes three books targeted at the rest of us (and written by Greg Harris). This includes:

  • The Cup and the Glory takes the reader on a profound study through the Scriptures, uncovering biblical truths on how to respond to, and embrace suffering to the glory of God.
  • The Darkness and the Glory examines the cross from Christs perspective and provides a compelling behind-the-scenes look at the profound spiritual and theological realities of Calvaryrealities that transcend the physical, as the wrath of man was surpassed by both the wrath of Satan and ultimately the wrath of God.
  • In The Stone and the Glory, Greg Harris takes his readers on a profound journey through the Scriptures as they explore the glorious realities of the stone prophecies

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