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It is suprising to think that 9/11 was 9 years ago

What unfolded that day on September 11th, 2001 would have radically shaped what this past decade will be remembered for: The War on Terror and Islam’s radical fists around the globe.

Those of us here on Veritas Domain has all seen the ugly side of Radical Islam, whether as military participants in the War on Terror or coming from a land that has a significant population of Muslims

But tonight, in this time of national remembrance, I think it is proper to think about each and every one of our eternity: Where will you go when you die?

This audio tape of a 911 call on that fateful day on September 11th has haunted me since the first time I have heard it

Some of you might have think you accidently stumbled upon this blog entry, but I submit that it might be providence.  It is a question with great bearing on your eternity, to ask yourself: Are you a sinner? Where will you go when you die? And how does one go to heaven?

Feel free to inquire us about how Jesus is the answer to these questions. We respond to comments.

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