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Over at Covenant Media Foundation today, they announced that Greg Bahnsen’s lectures on philosophy is now on a flash drive!

Philosophy in a Flash

Covenant Media Foundation has put together this new product that offers several convenient features at an outstanding price. We have collected 64 lectures [Mp3] by Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen on the History of Western Philosophy, all contained on one Flash Drive. This is a great way to gain the background in philosophy which you have wanted but never had time to get. These lectures are also helpful for deepening your understanding of apologetical issues.
On this 1GB Flash Drive, you will receive:
· 21 lectures: Ancient & Medieval
· 24 lectures: Renaissance & Enlightenment
· 19 lectures: Modern (19th-20th Centuries)
· Outlines and glossary [PDF]
All for only $69.95 postage paid!
[A $128 value if purchased separately]

Website: www.cmfnow.com

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